Scholia Minora in Homerum

Directed by Franco Montanari
Collaborators: Paola Ascheri, Davide Muratore
Università degli studi di Genova   unige
The aim of this site is to provide up-to-date listing, descriptions, editions and digital images of the so-called Scholia Minora to the Iliad and Odyssey preserved on papyrus.

The page Papiri offers an inventory of known papyri, sorted according to the Homeric passage under discussion. Each item is preceded by the list number of the repertory published in 1984 by Lucia M. Raffaelli; papyri that have been published or known subsequently are numbered with decimals (additions by: Lucia M. Raffaelli as registered in Mertens-Pack3; Paola Ascheri; Davide Muratore). It is also possible to select papyri according to the collection or the Homeric passage.

An icon placed between the Raffaelli number and the papyrus’ name shows the availability of 1) the record with description and bibliography; 2) the digital image of the papyrus; 3) the edition of the text (downloadable as a pdf file; the Greek font is IFAOGreek 2002).

Text editions are established on the basis of a fresh reexamination of the papyrus and/or of photographic reproductions or, when this has note been possible, according to the available editions. We project to keep the list of papyri up-to-date and to offer editions with apparatus of parallel passages of all the papyri. Photographic reproductions will be added when possible.