Catalogus Philologorum Classicorum

Directed by Franco Montanari e Luciano Bossina Università degli studi di Genova   unige


A .pdf format file records the main stages of the academic and scientific curriculum of each scholar, the most significant papers, bibliography, Nachlass (if known), papers in honorem or in memoriam, obituaries, biographies and other useful data.
On the left of each name you find a three-letter abbreviation, identifying the country of the unit responsible for each card. By clicking on that abbreviation you can write an e-mail to the respective unit.
  • Total cards: 7461
  • Available cards: 912
  • Programmed cards: 6549
  • Last update: 10/13/2023


Area Name Birth Death
7461 Semyon Gerasimovich Zybelin August 25 (September 3), 1735
April 26 (May 8), 1802